Astoria Park

Astoria Park

It’s mostly concrete with hard plastic around the gym sections.
There are 3 sections and they all are made of metal, not hard plastic material.
There is a small, medium and a large section with the intention of giving all the children the opportunity to play according to their motor abilities.  However, this is all thrown out the window when it comes down to playing tag.  All the ages, heights and shapes are mixed.
The middle one is kind of the best one since it has a nice long spiral slide.  It is also comfortable for adults to participate playing with the children.
It has a sprinkler section but it’s not working now during the cold season.
The two bathrooms are in one extreme of the park by the seating area next to each other.
It does not have a sandbox – essential for those children who enjoy textures and obtain the benefits of relaxing the senses threw this activity.
Except for the tall slim trees surrounding the park, it is not a very convenient place to play hide and seek.  The amplitude of the design makes it easy for children to move around from section to section and for parents to keep an eye on them as the move threw the playground.  It is convenient for adults to move around the 3 sections as the children play.

It tends to feel much colder since the park is by the water side.  The view is amazing with both bridges.
They look so amazing with the many naked tree branches that appear in front of them when one looks up to capture their immense presence.
During the hours at the park, several things happened:
Photos at the Park

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