DO’W’S – Me Robaste el Corazón at D’ Antigua (Abril 18, 1008)

DO’W’S – Me Robaste el Corazón (Abril 18, 2008) en D’ Antigua

For the first time, I wen to the D’ Antigua on this date to video record a band called DOW’S; audio engineer Kamilo Kratc recorded the live audio.
It’s always a challenge to record live and then try to accomplish a ‘good’ quality mix for the video unless each instrument is tracked separately.
But it does make a difference to record the audio directly from the console of the venue the band is performing.
The engineer at the D’Antigua was extremely helpful he went out of his way to accomodate us; providing us with cables we didn’t bring.

The band members accompanying the lead singer (Oscar) were
Lead Guitar – Fernando
Bass – Marcos
Drums – Marcos

The place has a good stage to record the whole band from far. Although, at times the crowd standing up might get in the way, it’s workable.
The light worked for the settings of the camera, so the image was able to come through clearly and at the same time, keep the ambiance of been recorded at a club; which
is something Oscar much wanted to keep.

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