Gathering information

I spent most of the day reading a lot of helpful information at  I am impressed on her sources and how much she shares on her website.  It is incredible on all the ideas she points out for artist to create an audience, creating blogs, etc.  There are so many options out there, one can spend hours just trying to learn, then more hours putting the information together and then more time trying to keep all the information up to date. 

One of the things I liked was to write 5 goals:

1) Read half of her articles and joined her mailing list (which is kind of cool because she sends the manual she has available to people who join.  In a way she is setting the example.  She provides tips on how to get information from the artist’s audience by providing something for free.

2) sent some important e-mails

3) commented and rated some videos on youtube

4) spent 40 minutes negotiating with a 9 year-old on why it’s important to go to school, face negative comments face on and deal with the stress of 4th grade.

5) made 100 for a Multi-cultural festival

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