Ay Que Noche Tan Preciosa – Cumpleaños Venezolano

Some time last year, it was my dad’s birthday and I didn’t know what to give him.  So I decided to just send him the song that most Venezuelans know as the birthday song “Ay Que Noche Tan Preciosa” written by Luis Cruz C. He wrote it for his friend Rebecca many years ago.  I practiced singing the song and recorded it on my laptop using garage band.  I didn’t like how it sounded, so I tried many times.  On each recording, I realized I needed to make some changes on certain phrases and needed to breath at certain points of the song.  Later on I asked my husband to help me record it using ProTools.  I took more time than what I had originally planned, since the MIDI accompaniment I found at http://www.venezuela.ch/cancionero/, did not have the sound we wanted ‘ideally’, so we decided to use ‘Reason’ to change the sounds of the instruments to other ones.  


A year has passed and we re-recorded the same song, I used the original lyrics and used the same MIDI accompaniment but we made some changes to the sounds of the instruments.  I was forced to look at many, many tapes I’ve recorded since 2004 to look for appropriate b-day related scenes.  Although, I am not 100% satisfied, this is what I decided to upload to YouTube.  I wanted to add this video as a video response to another video posted with the same ‘original song’.  But when I tried to add it, I realize that the YouTube channel has this feature disabled.  I decided to add it to my YouTube Channel.  Oops! I guess next time, instead of spending so many days editing video and putting a song together I need to check if this feature is active.  Besides my moment of disappointment, I realized that it was a great opportunity for me to look at tapes that I had to review.  Trying to add this video response, forced me to do the work I needed to do.  

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