Keeping up with posts and adding information on calendars…

The need to keep a blog becomes more overwhelming to me when I am so tired and I just make so many mistakes that I do not have time to correct it.  So I just put it to the side, making more things accumulate for the next time.  Perhaps, whatever it was, I decide not to post it because I just do not have the time to edit for all my mistakes – catch 22.  

I’ve been trying to keep up with Ariel Publicity’s Lucky 13’s suggestions.  I decided to log in to most of the things she suggests.  It takes time to get to know each site and learn how best to add information and getting the best out of each social network, artist’s promotional sites.  The best one I’ve seen so far is Reverbnation.  I like the fact that once some information is added to the profile, then widgets can be added to other different social networks and blogs such as Myspace, Facebook, LiveJournal, etc.

I am testing this widget to find out how it works before I share it with someone else. The widget I’m trying to add it’s not working. There might something wrong, I am doing. Let’s see. I am keeping whatever I wrote and then add the widget if I ever find out what’s going on.

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