Simon Diaz for the Lifetime Achievement Award 2009

I was watching In Plain Sight the other day and I was laughing when the main character’s mother explained to her that it is when we share details of our daily lives that we connect with each other.  I turned to my husband and said “This would be a great commercial for some of those social networks out there, like Facebook“.

Like I wrote, on another entry, I became aware of this group of “Venezolanos en Hollywood” on Facebook and how they started an innitiative to make Simon Diaz the next winner of the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award 2009.  I decided to look any videos on Youtube regarding this initiative.  I even look for Venezolanos en Hollywood but I could not find anything related to the subject.  I did find some other videos Venezolanos en Hollywood have available related to the work they do.  I also found videos related to Awards given to other winners in the past.  

So I decided to get some of my pictures and footage I took of the ocean on Long Beach on a cold April day. I found some pictures of Simón Diaz on Flickr under Creative Commons license that were most appropriate to include on this mini-clip.  Perhaps, it’s not the best kick-ass video, but it gets the point across.  It shows the Facebook group “Lets Bring Simon Diaz to the 2009 Grammy” information.  

On my first attempt, I added a drum, cuatro, bass instrument track my husband recorded for Clavelito Colorado, but he thought (I agree) that it was not the best sound track for the mini-clip.  Although, I had uploaded the video to my YouTube channel, I had to delete the video and re-do some of the things. 

I added some of Simón Diaz tonadas, I have on the itunes Library from CDs. Hoping that I’m not violating any copyrights laws I decided to add just a bit of each song with a fade-in and fade-out effect for each segment.

The main purpose of this mini-clip is to promote the Lets Bring Simón Díaz to the 2009 Grammy and here it is:

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