Dust in the wind, dvd authoring, salsa dura & american sueño

I’ve been listening to All We Are is Just Dust In The Wind while authoring a DVD (using DVD Studio Pro) that someone was supposed to pick-up and I’m still waiting.  One of the songs that I’m using for one of the slideshows is Dust In The Wind, so I had it looped  while I worked on the DVD.  I encountered some problems.   The first time, of course, I forgot to save and I lost all the chapters, the slideshow and importing I had done.  Oh, well.  The second time I tried, there was another problem trying to burn the DVD because one of the tracks was missing and for some reason, it did not let me delete the slideshow.   Although, I tried to create another slideshow, it did not work. Basically, I tried a third time.  This time, it was a bit better but when I saw the DVD, I realized that the slideshow did not run smoothly.  It stopped on the second picture.  It was kind of strange, so I decided to work on the slideshow a bit more and burned another DVD.   While I burned the DVD I printed the cover, etc.

As a way to transition into my blogging mood.  I changed the background music.  But it’s just hard to listen as a background, because all I want to do is get up and dance my skeleton when I listen to Salsa Dura; one of La Excelencia’s upcoming 11-track CD “Tumbao Social” (Social Swing – not sure if this will translate to this??) .   The other track they added to their Facebook Fan Page is American Sueño – well this song raises so many issues that is just hard to cover them on this one seating.  For now, I’m just listening to these new songs while I try to be faithful to my daily blogging, which I have not done like in 3 months.

(I’m not going to edit this posting – free writing)

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