auditory intelligence?

Getting my fifteen minutes today…I’m forcing myself to get my 15 minutes today.  I’ve neglected my blog this past week.  I was only supposed to drop off my partner at an event and pick-him up later.  But driving away from the city and coming back was such a waste of time.  I was willing to stay in the car during the show.  But he asked if I could come in to the show,  the only requirement was that I needed to clap through out the show.

I was fascinated about the auditory intelligence (memory) a human being can have.  One of the members in the choral group did not have sight (blind) and sang all the tunes by memory.  Most of other members had the notes on black binders on their hands through out the event.  But he kept singing.  At one point, I thought maybe he was just following the other members singing, but he sang two solos and he was right on.

Well my time is almost up, until next time….

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