Power of The Crunch (Doritos / Superbowl Video Contest)

I really like this video “Power of The Crunch”.  My 4-year-old loves the piece of music chosen as background. He grabs my hand and drags me to the computer and asks me to play that video that says ha! ho! while he opens his mouth and dramatizes an opera singer.  He laughs as the clothes flies away and the money comes out off the ATM machine, making everyone jump around.  The laughter intensifies as he sees the police officer turned to a monkey.  Although, his laughter stops faintly as the bus runs the actor over, he looks back at me when he sees the man’s face sticking to the bus’s front shield and the bag of Doritos.  The bag of Doritos reminds me when he was 1-year-old and he really enjoyed the spice flavor, making me realize he probably liked the spicy food I ate during his pregnancy.  Hope anyone can enjoy watching this video as much as a 4-year-old can.

For more information on the Dorito contest, www.snackstrongproductions.com

To get a chance to win 2 Super Bowl tickets on a daily basis from 01/05/09 thru 01/25/09, you must register (read the guidelines of the contest), Log-in and vote for this video http://www.crashthesuperbowl.com/#/gallery/video/725/  or look at the other four videos listed in the gallery http://www.crashthesuperbowl.com/#/gallery

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