The Earth Shouts!

In celebration of Earth, I’ve been thinking of Andrea Tierra’s song “Melodía Verde” (Green Melody). This is an amazing song dedicated to Earth and a call to our conscious to take care of it. The song is in Spanish, but I’m making an attempt to translate the song:
“The trees are tired of raising their branches asking for life
And the river has not gone around the hill for a while now
The sun pours its fury over the cultivated field and the farmer
And the uncaring wind warns our destiny
She is dying while still alive
That her eyes cry and feel like keeping the silence quite
The Earth shouts!!!
The Earth shouts!!!
The Earth that gives its fruits to all beings
without asking for anything in return
Only wants to see your children grow
And feeling loved
Turn your concious around, thinking of tomorrow when you wake up
And you won’t find a landscape full of flowers fullfilling you”

The song repeats on the chorus and the last verse.

Nikelodian had this 1 minute off at 9PM and we did. We turned off the computers, the TV and the cable for one whole minute. We looked out the window but everything was on. Our son made us realize that maybe only those who were watching that channel did this.

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