Larry Harlow’s La Raza Latina, A Salsa Suite (New York Premiere) Conducted by Larry Harlow, starring Rubén Blades, with guest vocalist Adonis Puentes Bobby Sanabria Big Band


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New York, NY, July 20, 2010: Pianist LARRY HARLOW’s 1977 album La Raza Latina was regarded as a Salsa Masterpiece well ahead of it’s time. Today Fania Records is pleased to announce the release of the remastered version of this classic and will launch it with a live performance of the album on August 14 at Lincoln Center in New York City.

Featuring Rubén Blades and the late Nestor Sánchez, along with Harlow’s working band Orchestra Harlow, and stellar session players and arrangers, La Raza Latina brought together “a veritable army of musicians (30 players and eight singers)” to perform a four-part suite, meant to be heard as a continuous piece.

And on August 14 there will be a remarkable full-length concert performance of the complete work. Conducted by Harlow with a 40-piece orchestra and chorus, Rubén Blades reprising his historic role, and Cuban singer Adonis Puentes, it may be the high point of a highly musical summer at this year’s free outdoor Lincoln Center Out of Doors festival.

“Thirty-five years ago I set out to musically tell the story of Latin music, said Larry Harlow. It began in Africa and then moved to Cuba and the Caribbean and then onto to Puerto Rico before landing in New York in the 1950s. I also took a stab at what the future might hold. “

“I’m extremely proud of this piece of music and believe its one of the best pieces of I ever created, said Harlow. And today I’m thrilled to finally be performing it along with this orchestra and Ruben Blades. It’s the first time to ever be played live.”

“The suite,” writes music critic and liner notes writer Agustin Gurza, “moves from the music’s origins in African drumming and its roots in the Caribbean to its mambo heyday in New York of the 1950s. The experimental fourth movement explores a vision of salsa’s future,” for which vision Harlow drew on the new creative movements then happening in Cuba — largely out of earshot of North Americans, but audible on shortwave – that exploded onto the world stage some fifteen years later, in the Cuban music explosion of the 90s.

La Raza Latina’s historical perspective on Latin music seemed prophetic 33 years ago. Now it’s a classic.

About Fania Records:

Fania Records is home to more than 200 of the top artists’ catalogs in tropical music. These artists offer a cornucopia of styles that transcend the boundaries of traditional Latin music and set the path for the genres of Latin big band, Afro-Cuban jazz, boogaloo, salsa and Latin R&B. They include Beny Moré, Sonora Matancera, Orquesta Aragón, Celia Cruz, La Lupe, Tito Rodrguez, Ray Barretto, Cortijo, Héctor Lavoe, Willie Colón, Johnny Pacheco, Joe Cuba, Larry Harlow and Rubén Blades, to mention a few. The more than 4,000 albums from the 1940s through the 1980s have been carefully documented, archived and placed in a special media storage facility for original recorded media. In addition, Fania has been remastering and reissuing these treasures in digital format, original remastered CDs, box sets and vinyl.

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3 Responses to Larry Harlow’s La Raza Latina, A Salsa Suite (New York Premiere) Conducted by Larry Harlow, starring Rubén Blades, with guest vocalist Adonis Puentes Bobby Sanabria Big Band

  1. Alice Miranda says:

    I love Fania All stars I’m puerto rican & listen to the Music since a young girl with my parents…. Alice

  2. Jose Cordova says:

    I love Fania !!!!

  3. Jose Cordova says:

    I Absolutley Love Fania …!!!!

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