Volunteering for the Manhattan Half Marathon (NYRR 5 Borough Series)

I called the NYRR to make sure they needed me to volunteer.  I’ve heard they will give the runners credits towards their required run for qualification but I was not sure if they will give me credit even if I didn’t volunteer.  When I called they said “Yes, please we need all the help we can.  We are having the run”.

I’m glad I went there were a lot of runners.  I heard in NY1 that most runners that registered  were present.  Here is a link to the NY1 http://manhattan.ny1.com/content/top_stories/154598/new-yorkers-take-season-s-first-snowstorm-in-stride

Here is a gallery of some of the photos NYRR posted at their site http://nyrr.org/resources/photos/2012/manhattan_half/gallery.asp#1

I was so happy I managed to volunteer, I really wanted to stay home and sleep a little more.  But the person in charge of the volunteers put four of us at the start line and to see all the runners lining up in front of us was kind of nice.  After all the runners left the start line to follow the red truck that was going to lead the way in a slow pace to keep everyone safe.  The volunteer leader asked us to move the barricades and head to the finish line.  On the way back to the finish line we stopped to have a restroom brake and make some phone calls if we needed.  We also stopped by the registration area and drank some hot chocolate.  It was really helpful because it was getting really cold.  We waited around for a bit and walked to the finish line where we encounter the other volunteers who were preparing Gatorade.  We had to open some water bottles, fill a big garbage can of 5 containers of Gatorade and add water until the container was full.  My hands were totally freezing by the end because I took out my gloves to put the rubber gloves.  We had the opportunity to go into the medical tent were they had two big brown cones to keep us warm or anyone who needed assistance.  We were asked to take turns to do this.  I had to go there like 4 or 5 times.  I didn’t dress well on my legs and feet.  My socks and boots got wet and I was freezing.

A few of the volunteers stood side by side after the finish line to cheer the runners.  They were thankful for all the volunteers being there.  But it was thanks to them for getting the courage to complete the 1/2 Manhattan Marathon turned FUN RACE that we had the opportunity to cheer!  Some of the runners had frozen eyebrows, eyelids, bears and even frozen icicles dripping down their nostrils.  I can’t wait to see what Brightroom captured yesterday.

Here is a small video clip I managed to captured while I got to Central Park!

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