Week 1 – NYC Runs Central Park Marathon Training (Feb, 24, 2013)

13 Week Training for NYC Runs Central Park Marathon set for February 24, 2013:

I selected Hal Higdon Marathon Training Personal Best.  Since I had trained for the ING NYC Marathon following the 18 Week Training, I’m starting on Hal Higdon’s Week 18.  Hope this works…

Week 1:         Mon 3    Tue 0    Wed 3    Thu0    Fri 3    Sat 0    Sun 5 = 14 Miles
I was hoping to do 20 Miles but only managed to do 14 Miles.  Knee starting to hurt on Friday, left calf super tense.  Trying to massage.  When I’m running it’s ok.  Ran 2 miles today up to 2 miles and then started to feel cramps.  Ran all 3 miles almost straight.  Felt really exhausted after Sunday, December 2, 2012 NYRR Join For the Voices.  My time was the best one, but I know I gave it my all and felt pretty confident about how I was running.

18 Cross 3m run 5 m run 3 m run Rest Rest 15-K Race
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