Week 2 – NYC Runs Central Park Marathon Training (Feb, 24, 2013)

Week 2 of 13 Hal Higdon Marathon Training Personal Best for NYC Runs Central Park Marathon set for February 24, 2013.  Total W2:  36 Miles (Adjusted 14 Miles)

19 Cross 4 m run 7 m run 4 m run Rest 7 m run 14 m

(Original Miles, Miles Completed, Temperature, any pains/aches, Eating/Hydration, Stretching, Massage, Icing, Cream)

I planned to run 25 Miles as my original plan.  But after last week’s reality check.  I think I will try to do 18 Miles.  I decided to rest Monday and Tuesday after Sunday’s race.  I know that I should not make up any missed miles, but I decided to run the miles I was supposed to do on Monday (3M) and Tuesday(3M).
Wednesday, December 6, 2012: walked 1 mile, ran 6 miles and cooled down on 750 meters.  It was super cold and windy (36 Deg).  My left ear started to hurt at around mile 2.5.  Today I read an e-mail from Active that recommends that when it’s really cold, it helps to use 2 hats.  I’ll keep that in mind for temperatures lower than 20 Deg.  I’m hoping for a cold, dry day for February 24, 2013 NYCRuns Central Park Marathon.  However, I’m also preparing for snow, an icy road; I’ll bring my skates, skiis in case.  It maybe not be allowed, but I’ll try.

I didn’t bring my bottle of water so I had to stop around mile 4 at a store to buy Lemon-Lime Gatorade.  I started to feel the arepa/cheese repeat around that time, and although I tried to burp the feeling, it felt like I had something stuck on my chest.  I tried to practice the Chi running form, I notice that the Chi form makes me go faster even when I don’t want to go fast.  So far I’m ok running up to one hour but I need to take more walking brakes after running for an hour.  I would like to increase this timing to be able to do the 16 miles without stopping.  Stretched a bit when I got home.  My hubby massage the arch of my left foot and the heel.  Did not ice, I’ve been avoiding after the burned I had back in November 2 weeks before the ING NYCM which kept me unable to walk for 3 days.  I didn’t feel the need to take Ibuprofen.

Hoping to adjust my miles according to what I’m feeling as of today, hoping to do the long runs as schedule.  Let’s see how I feel as I move through the training schedule.

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