@RajdulariMusic #Natural Re-Mix contest #JourneyOfAWoman


#JourneyofaWoman (Journey of a Woman) #Natural song CD Re-Mix Contest
For a Playlist of the submissions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hAQ0m8Qw_A&list=PLOob3bu47db6eUDd8SfJCm-c2iUP8m-el&index=1

  1. Natural Remix Submission-Kurser
  2. Natural Remix Submission-DJ Alex
  3. 3.Natural Remix Submission-Tora Beats
  4. Natural Remix Submission-Astrodwarf
  5. Natural Remix Submission-Radio Illuminati
  6. Natural Remix Submission-PJ Spraggins
  7. Natural Remix Submission-Uwe Rose
  8. Natural Remix Submission-Salak Wood
  9. Natural Remix Submission-J Aaron Brooks-Roberts
  10. Natural Remix Submission-DJ Bklyn Storm
  11. Natural Remix Submission-Dawz
  12. Natural Remix Submission-Avery Hartgrove
  13. Natural Remix Submission-Goodie
  14. Natural Remix Submission-DJ Mystro Mac
  15. Natural Remix Submission- DJ Lionpaw
  16. Natural Remix Submission-Riddim Thief
  17. Natural Remix Submission-DEdz
  18. Natural Remix Submission-Kiks
  19. Natural Remix Submission-Beat Manufaktur
  20. Natural Remix Submission-Lady Maverick
  21. Natural Remix Submission-Paul Lambeek
  22. Natural Remix Submission-Khan Flo Mah
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