7th Annual Astoria Music Now: #NewWorldQueensFest Sat. Aug. 29, 2015 12pm-9pm

NewWorldQueensFest2015   For seven years, Astoria Music & Arts (AM&A) has brought music, art, dance, theater, comedy, and film to the #Astoria community, and this summer at #AstoriaPark.

AM&A will be throwing the greatest entertainment festival in Astoria. Join AM&A Saturday, August 29, 2015 from 12pm-9pm at Astoria Park for The New World Queens Festival. This year’s Festival is pet-friendly, with a focus on Eco-awareness, featuring live Bossanova, Reggae, Ska, R&B, Rock, Psychedelic, Americana, Indie, Funk, Blue Grass + AfroCuban bands, DJs; a Pie Eating contest sponsored by Astor Bake Shop and a children’s entertainment segment at 1pm provided by Little Club Heads, a family dance party experience for children 1-12 years old.

There will be a dance tent featuring Sol Dance Studios, a puppet show by Wondersparks from Raising Astoria, a giant Kaiju Big Battle Monster, Frank Ape and much more. Over 30 visual artists painters and sculptors will have their work up for your viewing pleasure.

Astoria Music and Arts is a non-profit 501c-3 community organization. For more info please visit- www.astoriamusicandarts.org. If you consider donating any amount ($1, $5, $10 or more) it would help the cost of putting the festival together and the musicians get a fair pay for their participation.

A list of some of the performers, entertainers, and vendors:
Eskarioka, The Rusty Guns, The Missing Teens, Caleb Hawley, Os Clavelitos, Evening Darling, Space Jump Live, Noahs Ark, Eliza and The Organic, SOS, Luxe, Rick Rocker, Safety Buffalo, Lindsay Benjamin, Jessica Rowboat, Afterbirth Monkey, Michael Perrelli, Lotion, Ron Lenahan, Warren Kimmel, Kyle Horn, Matt Loguidice, Jack Soann, Lulla Miyuki, Alma Mia, Owls For Olives, Bassick Lee, Sol Dance Studio, Astor Bake Shop’s Pie Eating Contest, Little Club Heads, Kaiju Big Battle Monsters, Wonder Spark Puppet Show, Giftshop_the_band, Judy Punch 23, Sparrow Film Project, The Quays, The Irish Whiskey Bar, Mundo, Beer Garden at Bohemian Hall, Shillelagh Tavern, Ovelia Psistaria Bar Greek Grill House, AstoriaPost.com Media Partner, The Federation of Hellenic Societies of Greater New York.

@giftshop_the_band  @therustyguns

12:25pm Owls For Olive #owlsforolive Twitter: @OwlsforOlive
1:10pm Ron Lenahan #ronlenahan
1:45pm Jessica Rowboat #jessicarowboat Instagram & Twitter: @JessicaRowboat
2:20pm Kyle Horn #kylehorn Instagram & Twitter: @kylehornguitar
2:55pm Lulla Miyuki #lullamiyuki
3:30pm Lotion #lotion
4:05pm Jack Span #jackspan
4:40pm Matt Loguidice #mattloguidice
5:15pm Ben Absurdo #benbbsurdo Instagram & Twtter: @billyconahan
5:50pm Eliza and the Organix #elizaandtheorganix IG: @elizaandtheorganix Twitter: @EOrganix
6:25pm Lindsay Benjamin #LindsayBenjamin IG: @lindsaybenjaminmusic Twitter: @LindsBenjamin

12:00pm Safety Buffalo
12:35pm Os Clavelitos
1:10pm Rick Rocker Instagram & Twitter: @rickrockermusic
1:45pm Caleb Hawley IG: @calebhawley Twitter: @iamcalebhawley
2:20pm  Izzy Zay and The Inmates Twitter: @IzzyZayMUSIC
2:55pm Alma Mia IG: @almamiamusic
3:30pm Bassick Lee
4:05pm SOS
4:40pm Gift Shop IG: @giftshop_the_band Twitter: @giftshopNYC
5:15pm The Missing Teens Twitter: @themissingteens
5:50pm The Rusty Guns Instagram & Twitter: @therustyguns
6:25pm Evening Darling Instagram  & Twitter: @evening_darling
7:00pm Luxe
8:00pm Escarioka Twitter: @escarioka 

Astoria Music & Arts: The New World Queens Fest 2015

Astoria Music & Arts: The New World Queens Fest 2015

Astoria Music NOW! New World Queens Fest 2015

Astoria Music NOW! New World Queens Fest 2015

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