Participation of Kamilo Kratc

Soundworks Recording Studio feels honor for the collaboration done with Colombian percussionist and arranger Samuel Torres for several songs part of the works nominated for a Latin Grammy Mejor Album del Año listed below.  For a full list of all nominees

Mil Ciudades
Andrés Cepeda
Bernardo Ossa, Mauricio Pantoja, Julio Reyes Copello, Tommy Torres & Dan Warner, album producers; Richard Bravo, Mauricio Cano, Julio Reyes Copello, Fonseca, Diego García, Wilfrido Hincapié Pinto, Jan Holzner, Kamilo Kratc, Lee Levin, Carlos Fernando López, Ricardo López Lalinde, Dario Moscatelli, Martín Nessi, Camilo Ortega, Bernardo Ossa, Mauricio Pantoja, Stefano Pizzaia, Natalia Ramírez, Tommy Torres, Mauricio Vilar, Pete Wallace & Dan Warner, album recording engineers; Álvaro Alencar, Bob Clearmountain, Iker Gastaminza & Thom Russo, album mixers; Antonio Baglio, Mike Couzzi & Ted Jensen, album mastering engineers

Sello Discográfico: Sony Music Colombia

Julio Reyes Copello, album producer; Rolando Alejandro, Juan Camilo Arboleda, Richard Bravo, Alex Casadiego, Fonseca, Kamilo Kratc, Lee Levin, Carlos Fernando López, Ricardo López Lalinde, Natalia Ramírez, Julio Reyes Copello & Gabriel Vallejo, album recording engineers; Iker Gastaminaza, album mixer; Tom Coyne, album mastering engineer

Sello Discográfico: Sony Music Latin

Buena Vida
Diego Torres
Rafa Arcaute & Julio Reyes Copello, album producers; Rafa Arcaute, Luis Barrera Jr, Richard Bravo, Gustavo Celis, Javier Garza, Kamilo Kratc, Lee Levin, Carlos Fernando López, Ricardo López Lalinde, Julio Reyes Copello, Esteban Varela & Dan Warner, album recording engineers; Rafa Sardina, album mixer; Antonio Baglio, album mastering engineer

Sello Discográfico: Sony Music Latin

Kamilo had the honored to work with Samuel Torres (Colombian percussionist and arranger) to record some of the instruments on the following songs:
Hoy Es Domingo, Diego Torres featuring Ruben Blades
Por Ellas, Diego Torres featuring ChocQuibTown
Mejor Que A Ti Me Va, Andres Cepeda
Amor Eterno, Fonseca featuring Victor Manuelle

PAST participations:
2012 Grammy Winner Best Regional Mexican Music Album (including Tejano)
Pecados y Milagros. Lila Downs, artist. Alan Saucedo, Aneiro Taño & Rodolfo Vasquez, engineers/mixers. Paul Cohen, Lila Downs & Aneiro Taño, producers.

* 2013 Grammy Awards: Latin Album Nominations
Pecados y Milagros
Lila Downs
LABEL: Sony Music
PRODUCERS: Lila Downs, Paul Cohen, Aneiro Taño.
ENGINEERS/MIXERS:Aneiro Taño, Rodolfo Vázquez, Alberto J. Rodríguez, Alan Saucedo, Kamilo Kratc, Sandra Kratc, Mauricio Cano, José Limberg

Lila Downs recently won for best folk album at the Latin Grammys and continues to build recognition. The singer/songwriter incorporates traditional Oaxacan folk music into her projects and this album, which translates to “Sins and Miracles,” has become a world music favorite. During the Latin Grammy telecast in November, Downs performed “Zapata Se Queda” (Zapata Remains), leaving viewers mesmerized as a colorful “Day of the Dead”-themed set served as the backdrop to her commanding voice and powerful composition. The album peaked at No. 33 on Top Latin Albums.
If any of the nominated albums receive a nomination, Kamilo Kratc would receive a participation certificate for his participation as a recording engineer on the songs listed above.

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